new design!

About a year ago I embarked on a mission to update every website I own. This wasn’t exactly intentional, but once I started, every old theme became a prickly thorn begging for attention, extraction, re-imagination, a fresh set of clothes and shiny new tools.

My weekends over the months became swallowed up, taking Death Ref and Deepsicks to the mat. Even the cheeky The Author is Dead got a new headstone.

Today I am pleased to reveal the re-vamped Meg Holle, Librarian site. Responsive and not so darned 2009, the design is a more apt reflection of my identity as a librarian.

^ That sounds overblown, but I’m going with it, folks. Have a look around! I’m hopping in the tub with special tub salts where I will try for the next forty minutes to not dream up any more projects.


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