Tech Time: Project of the Year!

Tech Toy Time continues its supremacy. This is the program I created in January 2014 for technology novices to bring in their tablets and phones to learn how to download library eBooks to them. With the help of a train-the-trainer session I provided and a mondo OverDrive LibGuide, the program has rolled out to our neighborhood locations where it is run by branch staff.

I also got another KXAN gig last August where I talksupermegafast about Tech Toy Time and how awesome the Virtual Library is:

Rebranded as Tech Time to avoid confusion (where toy = kids = disappointment we aren’t breaking out the Makey Makeys), the program was nominated for the Employee Awards 2016 Project of the Year, and we won!

Employee Awards 2016 Project of the Year
The competition was stiff and I didn’t expect to win. I also didn’t expect to be half as giddy as I was when we were announced. All staff who participate in the program got not only the token Shining Star paperweight, but a full day of free vacation. Woo hoo!

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