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Q&APL: Facebook Live at Austin Public Library

For the past several months my colleagues Cesar Garza and Amy Mullin and I have been producing Facebook Live episodes in series called Q&APL Live. These 20-30 minute broadcasts focus on a theme like New Year’s Resolutions or cooking. We show off the collections—in print and online—related to that topic while taking live questions. We’ve also done program teasers for crafting and music events.

Check out the the archived videos here and the upcoming schedule here.

Meg and Cesar doing Q&APL Live with Facebook Live.

In December 2016 we had a brief shoutout in the Texas State Library Library Developments blog:

Tech Success Story: Austin Public Library & Facebook Live

This led to a web article in Library Journal

Live from the Library

…which in turn has led to a webinar speaking gig with Library Journal later this month!

Social Media Made Easy

It’s been awhile since I’ve done a webinar, standard fare in my previous librarian life at Walden University. I’m obviously still not camera shy, at least not enough where it gets in the way. 😉 It will be fun.


6I kicked off my first South by Southwest Interactive with a live-streamed discussion about library innovations at the #Ideadrop House. A colleague and I shared goings-on and comings-up at the Austin Public Library, including our new Central location and Google Fiber. Not bad!

Video streaming by Ustream

SXSW also gave us a chance to soft launch our Geek the Library campaign alongside Harvard’s pop-up LABRARY on the lawn of the O. Henry House. Luring passersby with shiny stickers, we asked them what they “geek”–what are they interested in and curious about, what inspires passion and awe? Film? Technology? Makery? Cupcakes? We’d then remind / assure / astound with all the ways the library has got their backs then snap a shot of them proclaiming their zeal.

For me, it was tempting to geek biting the heads off of chickens, but I kept it tame.

Being badgeless, I was surprised by how many events and conversations I could elbow my way into, but I was also wistful and envious and mostly on the reference desk at my regular, you know, job. Yet I met so many awesome librarians from all over the country (world!) who do awesome things. What little I experienced was exciting and tremendously energizing, and I want in, all the way.

Perhaps next year…

Mayo Clinic presentation recap

Mayo Clinic from the Plummer Building tower.

On June 21 I traveled to Rochester, Minnesota, with Augsburg College colleagues to talk about LibGuides with the Mayo Clinic librarians. They’d been intrigued after one of them saw the nursing guide I created for Augsburg (the nursing program at Augsburg in Minneapolis offers classes in Rochester for Mayo Clinic personnel working on nursing bachelors completion and doctorate programs).

Though the two other contractors and I are not currently working on guides, we were happy to join the nursing liaison Augsburg librarian to give the Mayo folks the LibGuides rundown, covering pros and cons, best practices, guide organization ideas and more. I’m intrigued to see what they come up withthe subject matter is more technical and the audience much different from the largely undergrad-focused Augsburg guides, and might range from high-level physicians to medical students to laypersons seeking consumer medical information.

Following the presentation, we were treated to lunch and conversation. I’ve never worked in a medial library, and it was fascinating to hear firsthand from information professionals at one of the best medical practice and research communities in the worldeverything from database access issues to painstakingly detailed search notes on reference questions, necessary for review in medical publications.

We also had tours of the History of Medicine Library, housing rare medical texts with stunning 15th century anatomical woodcuts (a pet interest of mine), and the carillon bells in the tower of the Plummer Building. Resident carillonist Jeff Daehn even hammered out a few tunes for us, as we cavorted along the tower with the stone guards and eagle/gargoyles overlooking the city and the Mayo complex.

Mayo Clinic from the Plummer Building tower.

PRI internship and libe tech conference

Quick shoutout! I recently started an internship with Public Radio International cataloging radio segments for the PRI / WNYC show, The Takeaway. I’ll also be presenting at the Library Technology Conference 2010 at Macalester College in St. Paul next week with my Augsburg colleagues, discussing contracting for LibGuides. Forget how to make the dang things workhow can cash-strapped libraries mired in hiring freezes get them done at all?